Mar 24, 2020

7 Logistics Issues That Can Slow Your Business Down (and What to Do About It)

When your logistics solution isn’t running smoothly, your entire business suffers. Identifying common pitfalls is the first step towards reducing inefficiencies and inconsistencies that waste time and money. That’s why we compiled this list of 7 logistics issues that could be keeping your business in the slow lane—and tips for how to fix it.

#1: Your Logistics Provider Puts You on Hold

You have a problem with a shipment. You call your third-party logistics provider, and you wait. And wait. And wait. The time you sit on hold is more than just frustrating—it’s costly and it keeps you from moving as quickly as the competition.

Choose a vendor that works as hard as you do. At EASE, we guarantee expert responses within 2 minutes, no matter when you call. Have a problem on Christmas day? Call us, and you’ll still get through in 120 seconds or less. Don’t waste time on providers that can’t do the same.

man waiting

#2: Your Provider Clocks Out Early

Some third-party logistics providers shut down at 6pm and don’t open again until 9am. That means your job is unmonitored for more than half of every day. With that little support, even small problems can become big issues that can waste time, money, and even put you in non-compliance.

Ask your provider about their hours upfront and be sure that you’re comfortable with the answer—especially if you’re not in the same time zone. At EASE, we avoid dead-time altogether because we never close. NEVER. Our experts can monitor your job every hour of the day and night, every day of the year, so we can avert problems before they happen and respond faster to issues that can’t be avoided.

logistics coordinator

#3: You Don’t Get Timely Responses to Your Bids

If you have a rush job, you don’t have time to wait for a quote. How long it takes a provider to respond is a good indication of their level of service.

If you don’t get a quote within a half hour, take it as a red flag and move on. EASE always delivers accurate, competitive freight quotes within 15 minutes, so we know it can be done. Believe it or not, insisting on timely quotes can save hundreds of hours of your time every year, and it can prevent you from working with an unprofessional provider, too.

logistics quote

#4: Your Provider Overlooks Opportunities for Improvement

You don’t have the bandwidth to be on the lookout for logistical efficiencies, and your provider is happy with the status quo. Maybe you don’t want to rock the boat, but there are ways to save time and money without jeopardizing quality or safety, and your provider should be finding them.

Set new expectations with your provider. Be sure they are in regular communication with their network and working to pinpoint inefficiencies in real-time. If they aren’t interested in working with you on this, it may be time to look for a new provider.

customer support

#5: You’re Not Getting Real-Time Updates

How can you know how efficient your provider is if you aren’t tracking shipments in real-time? You can’t. And you also can’t communicate that information to your customers.

Make it a priority to get timely, accurate updates with technology-enabled visibility into all your shipments. This will allow you to keep internal and external customers apprised while ensuring your shipments are getting where they need to go as quickly as possible.

real time support updates

#6: You’re Managing your Own Pick-ups and Drop-offs

You’re constantly scrambling to deal with unplanned pick-ups and drop-offs and it’s costing you time and money.

You may not know that providers can handle your spot shipments and pickups from distributors for you. If they do, take advantage of the service—you’ll be amazed how much simpler your life will be.

truck loading

#7: Your Provider Isn’t Invested in Your Success

Sure, your provider gets the job done, but is it done well? Do you feel confident that your goods are safe, being shipped at exactly the right temperature, and handled with care?

Shop around for providers and be sure to ask about their business values. You may learn that they are ultra-focused on being fast but aren’t as concerned with safety or being on budget. You’re choosing a business partner, so you need to ensure that their values align with yours.

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Finding a logistics provider that has it all is a classic business challenge and why we founded EASE Logistics. Our customer service model is unmatched and allows our customers to seamlessly engage an entire logistics team, 24/7, with the click of a finger. Learn more about our solutions.

For more information on this topic download our infographic, 7 Ways An Unrivaled Customer Experience Saves You Time & Money.