Become a Certified Diverse-Owned Carrier and Work with EASE

Diversity is essential to better ideas, better workplaces, and even better supply chains. EASE is committed to working with and promoting carriers who are certified diverse-owned businesses.

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What are Diverse-Owned Businesses?

Diverse-owned businesses are companies that are at least 51% owned and operated by members of historically underrepresented groups including:

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Already Certified?

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EASE Offers Special Benefits for Certified Diverse-Owned Carriers

  • Access to consistent priority lanes. In other words: some lanes are reserved for diverse carriers and you get priority pick of those lanes!
  • FREE quick pay.
  • Certification reimbursement based on volume.

Why Become a Carrier with EASE?

  • 24/7/365 help
  • Online billing portal
  • Load board
  • Comped fuel
  • And more!

Why Become A Certified Diverse-Owned Business?

  • Grow your business: Logistics and other businesses strive to work with diverse companies. Your diversity could open more doors for you and enable you to be a priority. According to the Billion Dollar Roundtable, 28 Fortune 500 companies spend at least $1 billion annually with diverse businesses.
  • Be seen: When you become certified, your business is entered into a searchable national database where customers and partners go to search for businesses like yours to serve their operational and diversity needs.
  • Access capital: Certification can give you more opportunities for financing through banks, venture capital firms, and other financial opportunities reserved specifically for certified diverse-owned businesses.
  • Expand your network: When you earn certification, you’ll have access to plenty of businesses like yours and opportunities to form partnerships, grow your professional reach, and more.
  • Receive awards and recognition: You’ll become eligible for recognition that sets you apart and increase your appeal.
  • Get the support you need to be successful: Many of these organizations offer networking events, mentoring, training, conferences, and more resources and tools to make you and your business better.

Why You Should Become a Certified Diverse-Owned Business as a Carrier

Opportunities for diverse-owned businesses have never been more abundant. In fact, research shows that corporate spending on diverse suppliers rose an average of 54% in recent years!

Read our recent Trucker Tools blog to learn more about the market outlook, and the untapped opportunities that are waiting for you!