What is a third party logistics (3PL) company?

Commonly known as a 3PL, a third-party logistics company can provide a wide range of custom logistics solutions. Utilizing a blended model of owned assets with a vast network of specialized, dedicated, and highly vetted providers, a trustworthy 3PL can handle a variety of transportation modes and services. These include OTR, FTL, LTL, dry van, and temperature controlled, over dimensional, intermodal, and air.

What are some advantages to working with a 3PL?

By building a vast network of providers, a reputable 3PL is always ready at a moment’s notice to solve the most urgent and unique challenge. Good 3PLs are operationally equipped to handle emergencies like bad weather, breakdowns, added loads, or the need for additional drivers. A 3PL is an excellent resource for last-minute changes and can provide options for tough-to-cover loads when no one else can.

How do I choose the right 3PL?

When researching potential 3PLs, it helps to determine what considerations are most important to your business. Some things to consider are geography (both location of the 3PL and their service area), industry expertise (including any relevant specialties), range of solutions, carrier vetting process, amount of accessibility (around the clock versus automated updates), level of visibility, and use of technology. EASE’s strategic Midwest location and commitment to the highest level of excellence, flexible solutions, transparency, and state-of-the-art TMS make us worthy of our customers’ trust.

What industries commonly benefit from logistics services?

Regardless of the point in the supply chain, most companies can benefit from logistics services. While EASE works with a vast array of industries, EASE has particular expertise in manufacturingautomotiveretailraw materialsfood and beverageconsumer packaged goodscold-chain network, and government contract logistics.

What transport services does EASE offer?

EASE offers a full range of logistics solutions, including full truckload (FTL)expeditedless-than-truckload (LTL)managed solutions and warehouse solutions. Our transport services include dry van and temperature controlled, intermodal, over dimensional, air cargo and charters, power only and recovery, specialized, transportation, dedicated third-party resource, supply chain, cross docking, warehousing, and distribution. Learn more about our solutions.

How does EASE verify carriers?

To drive with EASE, our providers must meet strict standards for operational practices and duration of consistent business operations. They have compliant and appropriate active operating authorities and insurance policies and may be subjected to daily vetting of required operating credentials, safety scores, compliance reporting, and network availability.

Does EASE provide warehousing services?

Yes, EASE offers warehousing services. Access to adequate, safe, convenient warehouse space is crucial to the everyday operation of many businesses. EASE offers warehousing and cross-docking services, with access to various dock heights to meet our customers’ needs.

What level of customer service should I expect?

EASE starts with a foundation built on an unparalleled customer service model that other providers are, quite frankly, hard-pressed to match. This means that when someone contacts EASE, they’re always going to speak to a live professional within two minutes, tops. Each team member is equipped to have a quote ready in 15 minutes, with a follow up in another 15. That’s the 24/7/365 customer service promise that defines EASE. Explore 7 Ways a Better Customer Experience Saves You Money

Can EASE manage every aspect of my logistics?

EASE strives to be seen as the most exceptional and reliable logistics specialist that can expertly move any cargo from origination to its final destination without incident. We use state-of-the-art tracking technology to ensure that you have visibility into your shipment at every stage of its journey. With highly flexible processes and a team-based approach to communication, EASE is fully equipped and ready with a proposed solution. Learn more about our logistics solutions.

Will my carrier relationships be negatively affected by working with a 3PL?

Your carrier relationships will not be negatively affected by using a 3PL. In fact, an effective 3PL serves as an extension of your team, covering capacity issues, providing more diversified access to appropriate transportation modes and services, and more. EASE’s strategic provider network of nationwide carriers who have undergone our strict vetting process makes us a valued partner resulting in your ability to expand capacity and increase availability of lanes.

What is the benefit of having one third-party logistics provider manage your supply chain including transportation, warehousing, and distribution?

Having one third-party logistics provider means you have a single source to manage the needs of your supply chain from transportation, to warehousing, and distribution. This streamlined approach saves you time, resources, and allows you to focus on your business. EASE is the go to third-party logistics provider to partner with for all your supply chain needs. Our managed logistics solutions provide better visibility into your inventory and transportation needs while delivering cost and service advantages with a single, all in one approach that meets your needs.


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