Slide INNOVATION AT EASE At EASE, innovation is the engine that drives us. Since redefining the standard for customer experience, we’ve continued to pioneer new ways for delivering excellence across the supply chain. From adopting new and innovative ways of applying automation and technology to improve our systems, to optimizing our operational processes and forging new strategic partnerships — we continuously take steps toward building inventive solutions across everything we do.

EASE is Top in Transportation on Fortune’s List of Most Innovative Companies

#143 Overall • #1 Transportation • #26 Culture • #30 Process

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Investing in Technology to Improve Customer Results

When your business is built around the bold promise of 2-minute responses, it’s imperative to evolve the way industry tools and technologies are applied to customer service, operations, processes, and solutions. EASE continues to find inventive ways to apply cutting-edge technology and automation to speed up response time and deliver better service to more customers. We focus on community, efficiency and safety to drive innovation in the communities we serve.

Methods we use to provide real-time shipping data to our customers:

  • GPS/telematics tracking solution (Descartes MacroPoint) allows us to service more customers by accomplishing a 96%+ success rate based on our unique approach to how this technology is applied.
  • Business intelligence software not only allows us to automate and speed up response time but also helps us make informed decisions that enable us to meet tight delivery windows, decrease transportation costs, and better accommodate any logistics and supply chain need.
  • Integrations between EDI and API connections allow us to seamlessly integrate with our customers’ and carriers’ TMS platforms for a better user experience and increased transparency.
  • Proprietary, in-house analytics systems support our ability to stay on top of market trends and better predict customer challenges and opportunities, leading to scalable, customized solutions that can grow to meet the changing needs of our customers.
At EASE, we’re constantly looking for new technology to improve our operations and customer service. New technologies like machine learning and artificial intelligence give us information to help us make daily decisions like a last-minute route change to speed up a delivery or switch out materials for better pricing.

Justin Young


Forming Partnerships to Build Community

EASE strives to be a catalyst in the logistics industry. We have a clear vision and an unrelenting commitment to affect change. As a leader driving innovation in the logistics industry, EASE collaborates with like-minded organizations and companies who share our vision and commitment to industry transformation.

Currently, EASE is partnering with The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company to develop, test, and analyze tire intelligence. We equipped eight trucks with technology systems that monitor tire conditions. This new technology provides real-time updates and alerts on tire health, resulting in more efficient, safe driving. We’re also testing cloud-based logistics technology in the Beta District, a regional innovation corridor, with the City of Dublin and DriveOhio.

In addition, we are actively pursuing expansion of our collaboration with Dublin City SchoolsInternational Center for Creativity (ICC), and The Ohio State University, because we know that creating opportunities for students will shape the future of supply chain management.


Redefining Transportation Innovation:

DriveOhio’s Rural Automated Driving Systems (ADS) Project

EASE is making history as the first company in the U.S. to deploy automated vehicles on revenue-generating routes as host fleet partner for DriveOhio’s Rural ADS Project. This initiative will demonstrate how automated and connected semi-trucks can improve safety for drivers, passengers, freight, and communities.

vetted carrier by EASE Logistics
EASE recognizes this collaboration as a stepping stone toward more advanced technologies like interactive ADS technology and, eventually, autonomous trucks that may one day reduce delays and commute times, prevent crashes, and cut emissions by maintaining consistent speeds.

Peter Coratola, Jr.

EASE Logistics President and CEO

Creating Teams to Improve Processes

In response to COVID-19 and the necessity of working from home, EASE assembled an Employee Strategy and Innovation Team (ESIT) to empower employees with hands-on involvement in the evolution of our company. This initiative has become a pivotal collaboration between EASE employees from all departments regardless of role or experience level. Together, we find creative ways to apply industry tools, technologies, and automation to improve our operational processes and our ability to consistently provide faster response times, scalable solutions, and overall outstanding service to our customers.

Logistics is a fast-paced industry where every minute counts. EASE employees recognize that even small changes can have a major impact.

Abbi Failla

Director of Strategy & Innovation

Slide INNOVATIONHUB BRINGING BUSINESSES TOGETHER The Innovation Hub is a dedicated meeting space we designed to bring together transportation, supply chain, and logistics experts. It’s a laboratory for fostering innovation and collaboration with like-minded partners who are passionate about developing more efficient ways of doing business. The Innovation Hub is an ideal environment to tackle business challenges, especially logistics, and to improve customer experience.