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EASE Named One Of Descartes MacroPoint’s Top Carriers Worldwide For The First Half Of 2024

EASE has once again been named a top carrier worldwide by Descartes Systems Group, an honor reserved for less than 1% of Descartes’ carrier network. Those considered for this recognition were evaluated based on their achievement of industry-leading tracking compliance across a high volume of freight and their use of Descartes MacroPoint.

Descartes MacroPoint is a multimodal visibility platform designed to help shippers, freight brokers, and third-party logistics companies (3PLs) gain better visibility into their freight operations and shipments. EASE implemented the Descartes MacroPoint real-time freight visibility solution in 2015, seamlessly integrated with its McLeod Software® TMS. In a move to eliminate time-consuming manual track-and-trace practices,

EASE estimates a resulting savings of 60-70% of the time employees previously spent manually tracking freight via phone calls, giving EASE the ability to provide customers with timely, accurate shipment updates as frequently as every few minutes, while managing expectations swiftly and effectively.

“With the help of Descartes MacroPoint, we can comply with strict industry regulations, reach new levels of tracking compliance with our carrier partners, and provide our customers with superior transparency and customer service. Descartes MacroPoint is a critical tool in our proactive work to identify efficiencies in tracking compliance to put our customers at EASE,” said Scott McDowell, EASE VP of Operations.

The complete list of Top Descartes MacroPoint Carriers for the first half of 2024 can be found here.

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