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EASE Logistics Company is Top in Transportation on Fortune’s Inaugural List of America’s Most Innovative Companies   

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[Dublin, OH, April 4] EASE Logistics has been named one of America’s Most Innovative Companies, ranking #143 on Fortune’s list of U.S. companies transforming industries from the inside out. EASE notably came in first in the transportation category, ranking above several well-known key players in the industry.

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EASE’s overall ranking was determined based on individual category scores. EASE scored particularly highly in Process Innovation (#30) and Innovation Culture (#26). But this doesn’t come as a surprise to anyone at EASE. 

EASE’s unique commitment to an innovative culture has yielded extraordinary results that are driving transformation in the logistics services industry. In 2022, EASE won grants to partner with state-level organizations to test semi-trucks with automation technology, including DriveOhio’s Rural Automated Driving Systems project. These projects will demonstrate how connected and automated semi-trucks could improve safety for drivers, passengers, freight, and communities in rural areas. Critically, the data gathered through these projects will also influence how the U.S. prepares for national automated trucking deployment, which will have long-ranging impacts on logistics and the supply chain. 

EASE embraces innovation at every level of the business, and process innovation involves every level of the organization. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic and the necessity of working from home, EASE assembled an Employee Strategy and Innovation Team (ESIT) to empower employees with hands-on involvement in the evolution of our company. This initiative has become a pivotal collaboration between EASE employees from all departments regardless of role or experience level. Together, we find creative ways to apply industry tools, technologies, and automation to improve our operational processes and our ability to consistently provide faster response times, scalable solutions, and overall outstanding service to our customers. 

“Innovation is the engine that drives EASE,” says Peter Coratola, Jr., president and CEO of EASE. “Our passion for innovation stems from our desire to better service our customers and pioneer new ways of delivering excellence across the supply chain. Logistics is a fast-paced industry where every minute counts and we recognize that even small changes can have major impacts. We’re proud to accept this honor to showcase that logistics is evolving, and we’re playing a part in that evolution.” 

Fortune, an American international business magazine, and Statista Inc., the world-leading statistics portal and industry ranking provider, present this prestigious award based on product innovation, process innovation, and innovation culture. For the evaluation of the innovation culture and the internal view of process innovation, Statista deployed online surveys where employees could score their own company on a scale system. The 300 U.S. companies with the highest score were named America’s Most Innovative Companies 2023. 

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