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Visibility = Accountability With Real-Time Tracking Software

Shipping Logistics Company Delivering Goods across Central Ohio

As a guest on a recent episode of the MadGaines Live Show centered around the issues of Track and Trace, EASE President Peter Corotola said, “Being able to capture data through tracking defines our value.” He was talking about the visibility element of our exceptional customer service model as well as the impact on our (and our customers’) bottom line.

In our business, there is a lot of truth in the old adage Time is Money. “There’s nothing worse than getting a call from a customer and finding out that the truck carrying their freight broke down two hours ago,” says EASE Business Development Director Brett Stewart. This was the reality of the early days of EASE, when a practice called Track-and-Trace was the norm in the logistics shipping industry (and still is for many shippers and carriers, unfortunately).

An Integrated Logistics Network

With its rapid growth and commitment to delivering an unparalleled customer service experience through visibility, we needed a better solution. We found it in Descartes MacroPoint, a real-time supply-chain visibility software, which we implemented in conjunction with our McLeod TMS in 2015. This enabled our team to engage in real-time tracking by connecting to any of the trucks in our vast carrier network through ELDs or an app on their phone.

The impact was evident and significant in a short period of time. Using Descartes greatly reduced the time our dispatchers spent on the phone manually tracking shipments, which freed them up to focus on new loads. This increased productivity allows us to be proactive and take corrective action on issues like breakdowns or unpredicted changes in the supply chain.

In the conversation on the MadGaines show, the group agreed that it can be easy for companies to say they can offer great visibility into their shipping process. Peter explained that “Saying you’re good at tracking means so much more when you can back it up with a demo and a way to tangibly demonstrate that.”

A case study created by Descartes (based on our high adoption rate of their solution) is one way that EASE can back up its commitment to consistently delivering an unparalleled customer service model. To find out more about how EASE came to implement this innovative real-time technology, read the case study.