Proudly founded in Dublin in 2014, EASE has grown to more than 300 employees and currently occupies three locations in our hometown with warehouses in East Liberty and Marysville – and with two new locations under construction. We know that our success is largely due to the community that has supported us from the beginning; as we grow and accomplish the milestone of our new headquarters, it’s important to us that the building is a reflection of EASE and our community and that we feature the work of artists who also call Central Ohio home.

About the Project

EASE is seeking to commission an artist and/or artist’s team to create site-specific permanent artwork installations in various areas of the new EASE Building and future headquarters located at 6000 Perimeter Drive, Dublin, Ohio 43016

The style of artwork and concept is entirely up for interpretation by the artist based upon how they are inspired by the mission and work of EASE. These artworks will serve as a nod to EASE and our industry (transportation and logistics) and will remain in line with the look and feel of our new home while reflecting each artist’s unique personality.
Please download and review the proposal for project overview, criteria, specs, timelines, and more!


Entry Deadline: February 16, 2024

On-Site Visit & Installation-Site Tour (6000 Perimeter Drive, Dublin OH)

Please select the date you are available to attend a walk through of the new EASE building and art installation sites. *

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Artist Samples

Community impact is one of the most important initiatives for EASE, so we look forward to bringing the community inside our building to decorate the halls, install artwork by local artists, and creatively highlight our homegrown roots.

Peter Coratola, Jr.

President & CEO, EASE Logistics


Incomplete application materials or artists who do not meet eligibility requirements will not be considered for finalist selection.

At the completion of the project, EASE will own and retain all rights to the art installation. The artist may use the images for self-promotion materials only. Nothing contained in this RFP creates nor shall be construed to create any contractual relationship between EASE and the artist. We make no commitment in or by virtue of this RFP to purchase any goods and/or services from any supplier; nor does the receipt of any proposal place EASE under obligation to award an agreement to that or any other artist. Such commitments and binding contractual relationships may be made only in and through a written agreement signed by both parties. The artist’s proposals shall constitute an offer which remains valid for a minimum period of 120 days after the proposal submission.

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