Contributing to the success of our community at large undeniably makes EASE a better company. We understand that the value of philanthropy goes well beyond making a donation or putting in volunteer hours. It means making meaningful connections outside of the realm of business-as-usual that often resonates in unexpected ways. EASE is committed to the continued growth and wellbeing of those throughout Central Ohio and beyond. We believe that generosity and empathy are essential to the ties that bind us together.

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#GIVEwithEASE Spotlight

Causes Close to Our Heart

We give time, money, and in-kind resources to causes that resonate most closely with our employees, customers, and community.
They include:

Youth Organizations
Food Insecurity

Military and Veterans
First Responders

Our Giveback Promise

As we continue to grow, so do our contributions back into our communities.

We are committed to hitting new giveback milestones each year!






EASE is committed to increasing its donations to match its growth!

Proud to Support These Amazing Organizations

We frequently give to a variety of organizations. And when we become a supporter, we stay a supporter.


  • Corporate Sponsorship
  • Encouraged Giving
  • Volunteerism

Supporting initiatives in our community

Deeply rooted in Central Ohio, EASE is an active financial supporter of its many community programs and non-profit organizations.
These include youth and high school athletics, the Dublin Irish Festival, Dublin Fireworks for Fourth of July celebration, Dublin Food Pantry, and the Welcome Warehouse Adopt-a-Family to name a few. City-wide, EASE also sponsors the Columbus Crew SC as well as NBC4’s “Stuff the Backpack” campaign.

  • Generosity is contagious

    EASE goes the extra mile to help others identify and reach organizations doing hard work and making a difference in the lives of others in our community. Sometimes that means matching the donation pledges of our team. Other times, it’s a boots-on-the-ground effort, going door-to-door and raising funds one dollar at a time. EASE wants to ensure those who want to find additional ways to give back have more opportunities to do so easily.

  • Volunteering to make a difference

    Peter Coratola, Jr. and the EASE team regularly dedicate time, attention, and resources toward a wide variety of local and nationwide charitable organizations. Employees receive regular emails with updated opportunities to match their interests and availability. These efforts strengthen employee satisfaction and reinforce EASE’s commitment to giving back.

  • Use #GIVEwithEASE to share how you’re participating!

    Thank you to everyone helping us make a positive impact within Central Ohio.