EASE strives to be a catalyst for change. With a clear vision and an unrelenting commitment to disrupt the logistics industry, our goal is to position EASE and Ohio as leaders in transportation innovation. This includes investing in smart and autonomous mobility.

In 2022, EASE was selected as the host fleet partner for the Ohio Rural Automated Driving Systems (ADS) Project, focused on deploying and testing automated technology on semi-trucks throughout southern and eastern Ohio in partnership with DriveOhio, the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT), Transportation Research Center (TRC), and other notable partners.

About Driveohio’s Rural Automated Driving Systems (ADS) project

The ADS project will study how automated semi-trucks connected by A.I. technology react to real-world scenarios such as winding roads and hilly terrain within rural settings.



The technology will only be deployed under very specific and ideal circumstances to demonstrate how connected and automated semi-trucks could improve safety for drivers, passengers, freight, and communities in rural areas.

Data collection for analysis and rulemaking

The data collected will be shared with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and U.S. Department of Transportation to develop national ADS policies and remove barriers to the safe integration of automated technology into logistics operations across the U.S.

Collaboration (Join the movement!)

Innovation is the engine that drives us, and strategic partnerships are critical to pioneering new ways for delivering excellence across the supply chain and our roadways.

"EASE is honored to be the chosen host fleet and recognizes this opportunity as a stepping stone toward reducing delays, commute times, crashes, and vehicle emissions, making roadways safer and more efficient. Now that the semi-automated trucks are on the road, we look forward to seeing how the technology operates in the real world, what the data will tell us, and how the findings will enable this terrific innovation to be deployed across the U.S.!”

- Peter Coratola, president and CEO, EASE

vetted carrier by EASE Logistics


While only 19% of the U.S. population lives in rural areas, 43% of all roadway fatalities occur on rural roads, and the fatality rate on rural roads is almost 2 times higher than on urban roads.

(Bureau of Transportation Statistics)



EASE has integrated a pair of 53-foot platoon-equipped tractor-trailers connected by technology that enables them to travel closely together at highway speeds. When the trucks are connected through automation, the lead vehicle controls the speed and the following vehicle has precisely matched braking and acceleration to respond to the lead vehicle’s movement – also known as truck platooning.

Both trucks are equipped with radar to detect other vehicles and monitor and adjust to the changing environment around them such as following the lead vehicle and responding to slower moving traffic.

When the automated driving system is engaged, the technology will control steering, acceleration, and braking. EASE’s team of highly vetted and specialized EASE drivers have undergone 260 hours of training at TRC to be equipped to operate these trucks.

The tractors are fitted with Bosch wireless vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) communication to ensure safe operation.

Where will the testing take place?

EASE runs the trucks in revenue-generating routes across 32 counties in Ohio’s Eastern and Southern rural regions.



“In Ohio, we’re not just sitting back and waiting for the technology to scale, we’re a leader in testing these systems and shaping the future of transportation so it benefits Ohioans. Partnering with innovative companies like EASE to conduct real-world testing is key to unlocking the full safety and efficiency benefits that truck platooning technology can provide.”

Preeti Choudhary, Executive Director, DriveOhio


April 2022

EASE submits the bid for the ADS project.

June 2022

ADS partners gather to celebrate the project launch

January 2023

DriveOhio and ADS announce the ADS project.

March 2023

The ADS trucks are delivered to EASE.


EASE Logistics is looking for partners like you to help us demonstrate how connected and automated semi-trucks can improve safety on the road!

EASE Capabilities

  • Can meet any lane, route, or shipment need (FTL, LTL) going to, from, or through the project service area.
  • Flexible route planning with simultaneous pickup and delivery.

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