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BizTech Fire Awards: Meet this year’s honorees

Ease Logistics
Peter Coratola Jr., CEO

EASE Peter Coratola. Columbus Business First

Based: Dublin
Employees: 305

Description: Ease is a full-service logistics solution leader, delivering success 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
What does Columbus need to help grow your business? Our business hinges on the community around us – the community that has supported us since the very beginning and has allowed us to grow and thrive in Central Ohio. What our region needs now is continued innovation in the way we collaborate with each other – businesses, local government, nonprofit organizations, schools and, of course, residents. … A commitment to fostering collaborative innovation is key to propelling us forward and creating better workplaces, better supply chains and even a better world. Together, we can pioneer solutions to both age-old and emerging challenges, including the development of infrastructure crucial for supporting our expanding workforce. This collaborative effort seeks sustainable advancements in transportation and supply chain logistics, addressing issues of equity and representation within our community.

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