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Celebrating Women in Logistics: The Driving Force Behind EASE

In celebration of International Women’s Day on March 8, 2024, EASE proudly recognizes the remarkable contributions of our women who are pivotal in advancing gender equality and empowerment within the logistics and transportation sectors. These trailblazing minds are not only vital to upholding EASE’s dedication to inclusivity but also instrumental in driving innovation within our industry, breaking new ground where it was once uncharted.

EASE named 2023 top company for women to work in transportation

EASE Achievements in Gender Equality

EASE is proud to be recognized as a 2023 Top Company for Women to Work For in Transportation by Redefining the Road magazine, a testament to our commitment to gender diversity, competitive pay, flexible schedules, and valuable career advancement. With women representing 29% of our workforce and holding leadership roles, we see this diversity as key to enriching our corporate culture and building trust with customers nationwide.

Leah Kracht, Director of Support Operations

Celebrating Leah Kracht’s Achievement

We are thrilled to recognize Leah Kracht, our Director of Support Operations, for her achievement in winning the 2023 Women in Supply Chain Award from Food Logistics. This honor celebrates Leah’s substantial impact and the crucial role of women in leading the logistics industry forward. Leah’s story is a source of motivation, underscoring the vital influence women exert in advancing logistics. Her award mirrors our commitment to nurturing diversity, inclusion, and respect within our company.

Leah Kracht has embraced a demanding schedule to ensure she is physically present for all shifts under her leadership, demonstrating an exceptional commitment to her role. She allocates two nights each week to the second and third shifts and spends one night on the weekend shift to maintain a strong connection with her team. This hands-on approach facilitates greater team unity and alignment with EASE’s core mission to excel in customer service and add value at every opportunity. Leah’s leadership philosophy prioritizes empowering her team members, creating an environment where everyone feels recognized, appreciated, and encouraged to bring forward new ideas and solutions. She is a staunch advocate for collaboration and believes that confident, seen, and heard employees lead to enhanced outcomes. This approach highlights her comprehensive leadership style and her significant contribution to our success.

Recognizing EASE’s National and Regional Distinctions:

The recognitions we’ve received, including our rank on the Inc. 5000 list and acknowledgment from Descartes MacroPoint, underscore our growth and dedication to excellence. These honors point to our success in blending human ingenuity with advanced technology, aligning with our vision to revolutionize the logistics experience.

Jess Stewart, Director of Human Resources

Jess Stewart: Shaping Our Organizational Culture

Jess Stewart, our Director of Human Resources, truly personifies EASE’s core values, significantly shaping our culture and contributing to our growth. Her recognition in the Columbus Business First HR Impact Awards reflects our unified commitment to creating an environment brimming with respect, innovation, and collaboration.

Jess’s approach to HR management is built on empathy, strategic foresight, and a profound adherence to our values, playing a crucial role in our company’s expansion and fostering a supportive, dynamic workplace. Her influence in HR demonstrates how integral our team members and their collaborative efforts are to the fabric of our success.

Honoring Abbi Failla – A Visionary Leader to Watch

As we embrace the future with optimism and determination, we are proud to highlight Abbi Failla, our VP of Business Operations at EASE Logistics, for her exceptional achievement in receiving the 2024 Women in Transportation’s Top Women to Watch honor.

Abbi represents the spirit of innovation, leadership, and unwavering commitment that defines EASE Logistics. Promoted at the start of 2023 to spearhead our newly established front office operations, Abbi has been instrumental in advancing our Corporate Development, Community Engagement, IT, HR, and Marketing divisions. Her dynamic leadership and forward-thinking approach have propelled EASE into the limelight, notably achieving the #1 rank in Forbes Magazine’s Most Innovative Companies in the U.S. within the transportation sector.

Abbi’s distinction as the highest-ranking woman and the inaugural woman VP at EASE underscores her role as a trailblazer, fostering greater female representation in logistics and mentoring women within our organization. Her groundbreaking contributions include securing pivotal bids with the Ohio Department of Transportation and DriveOhio, thereby positioning EASE as a frontrunner in automated and connected trucking initiatives. Not to mention, her collaborative efforts with Ohio’s Dublin City Schools to develop a logistics-focused curriculum exemplifies her dedication to shaping the future of the industry and nurturing the next generation of logistics professionals.

Abbi’s recognition by Women in Transportation is not merely a testament to her individual accomplishments but also a reflection of EASE’s deep commitment to promoting a culture where women can thrive and lead. It reaffirms our mission to blend humanity and technology seamlessly, pushing the boundaries of innovation to forge a progressive path in logistics.

At EASE, our dedication to creating an inclusive and diverse workplace is unwavering. As we support and celebrate International Women’s Day, we invite you to join us in acknowledging the remarkable contributions of women in our field and beyond! Together, let’s continue to drive forward a logistics experience that values humanity and technology in equal measure.