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Honoring Our Road Warriors

EASE Logistics thanks truck drivers everywhere

September 13-19 is National Truck Driver Awareness Week. Everyone here at EASE wants everyone who drives a truck to know that we definitely appreciate you—every single day—and are committed to working hard to ensure that you get the support and recognition you deserve.

  1. You Are ESSENTIAL. Trucking has always been a crucial element of this country’s economy. Without you, America shuts down, or experiences wide-spread chaos at the very least. This we’ve always known. But the mass disruption caused by the recent Coronavirus outbreak has magnified just how important you are. You have had to contend with closures, shifting demands and shortages, changing restrictions and regulations, and the daily barrage of unknowns. Through it all, you make the best plan you can, load up, and hit the road each day. We salute you.
  2. You put yourself at risk. According to a 2019 survey based on data from the U.S. Department of Labor Statistics, driving a truck is among the most dangerous occupations in America (more than law enforcement or firefighting). This is because every single day you put yourself in harm’s way in ways most of us can only imagine. The current crisis has only intensified this risk as the U.S. Department of Transportation has loosened many safety regulations in an effort to make more truck drivers available, shifting more of the burden of your safety onto you. We value you.
  3. Your lifestyle is not an easy one. Even truck drivers who do not have over-the-road or long haul gigs that keep them from home for long periods still face considerable challenges to their daily lives. Many of you have varied schedules where you are required to start work in the middle of the night or return home long after their kids have gone to bed. On the road, you must remain diligent at all times. Fatigue has long been your enemy of the driver, but literal and figurative roadblocks such as closed rest stops and restaurants have intensified this and are taking its toll on many. We respect you.
  4. You are passionate about what you do. We know that many of you who sacrifice so much to keep our country constantly running do so because you truly love your job and are proud of what you do. In addition to knowing you are of service to many, there many advantages of driving a truck – traveling to different places, meeting new people, and the ability to create your own schedule. For many of you, there’s simply no other occupation you’d ever consider. We envy you.

We hope that this week (and beyond) you are treated to a wave of appreciative messages and maybe a few of those arm pumps out the window. You are truly the movers and the shakers of the world.

Thank you!