Haul with Ease

When you become an approved Ease Logistics carrier, you gain access to a wide variety of resources and services. Our 24/7 dispatch center is able to release fuel advances, approve lump payments, advise on shipment information and arrange roadside assistance. We also enhance your existing fleet operations by posting your equipment and promoting your services directly to our own customers for dedicated service.

Through this respectful and mutually beneficial relationship, we can help you exceed expectations, grow your business or complete a network.

Carrier Requirements

To become an approved Ease Logistics carrier, you must hold all of the following:

Satisfactory standing with FMCSA

$1,000,000 auto insurance

$1,000,000 general liability insurance

$100,000 cargo insurance

$250,000 Workman’s Compensation insurance (or sign the Workman’s Compensation exclusion declaration)

If you meet all of the above listed requirements and would like to be approved as an Ease Logistics carrier, please fill out and submit the form below, or request a packet from one of our carrier services representatives at operations@easelogistics.com.

Apply to Become a Carrier

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